Airport Premium Economy Taxi Service Yellow: Mercedes Benz

Airport Premium Economy Taxi Service Yellow: Mercedes Benz

According to a new taxi regulation passed by the Municipality of Budapest, starting 01 September 2013, all licensed taxis must be painted in yellow (uniform signs standards). The details are described below:

Service no.: 4. Premium Economy: Standard normal taxi and station wagon

Car type: Mercedes Benz E-CLASS W211/W212, Seat

Color: yellow (taxi signs on the car). Average age: 5

Seating capacity: maximum 4 passengers plus the driver.

Budapest Airport Transfer: approx. EUR 28.-

Parking zone: normal car park / the terminal is 150 meters.

City tour:

Per hour fee within the Budapest city: approx. EUR 25.-

Base fare + Distance-based fare + Time-based fare unit.

Minimum usage charge 3 hour.

The taxi fares included herein are indicative only and depend on traffic congestion but the difference is very minimal (± 5-10%). There are no fixed priced transfers inside the Budapest boundary, every trip is priced by the distance of the destination. The regulations do not apply to countryside and abroad trips. Request for an offer >>>

Listed prices are per vehicle and include all fees:

airport parking fee (normal zone), flight delay, Meet & Greet services, taxes, VAT.

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